Please Pardon The Mess

I am trying to find the most efficient way to complete this site, but it seems a lot of my posts did not transfer. So, I have to go in and copy and paste them.

Good thing I have free time right now.

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Bravery. . .

. . .do I actually have it, or not?

I want to include two more blogs in this site, a true consolidation of all my writing. . . and had already composed a post of why I couldn’t do it. Well, I reject that.

I am going to post my last two blogs here.

Anyone who doesn’t like either is free to not read either. 🙂

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Progress, Progress, Progress. . .

I am working hard at getting “Kaliah”‘s first chapter ready for sharing. However, I must admit that it is harder than I thought it would be.

I am also dealing with a wee bit of a personal growth issue that can only, in my opinion, benefit my writing, but unfortunately is consuming a lot of my attention just now. So, progress is slower than I’d have liked.

I wanted to assure whomever stumbles across this site that I have not flaked out, abandoned my writing, nor simply decided to be lazy.

I look forward to sharing with you all soon.

Some background information: Kaliah’s story is a high fantasy, set in an alternate Earth with different topography and rules of reality (obviously; magic is real there). It is not a horror story, but there is intrigue and the horror of humanity’s cruelty. What world could would be believable without those?

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An Old, Familiar (to me) Tale. . .

I recently talked to my husband and told him that I intended to give away a story for free, in an effort to help build my reputation (and skill; honestly, the benefits just keep adding up!) as a writer. I have decided that my personal favorite will be that story.

The story that was the inspiration of my dear friend, the Peevish Penman herself: “Kaliah” (working title subject to future change).One chapter at a time, I will release that story, free of charge, first time publishing (can you tell I’m really excited?!).

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