Social Mores

I’m coming out, I want the world to know. . .

. . . got to let it show. . .

So, I work in food service. My station is outside the kitchen, and I have to pass through multiple doorways every day. Now, when you do so, kitchen language (something every food service worker in America should know about) demands that you say “Coming out. . .going . . . {wherever. The location is not important; the communication is} ) so that everyone is safe. It’s a necessary thing. However, one day, my Chef heard me call out, “Coming out, going to ice” and had the interesting response of “I thought you’d already come out.”

I ignored him and kept walking.

Two Thursdays ago, we had a representative of the LGBT community sitting in the cafe, videos playing about what it’s like to not identify as the gender you physically represent; about what it’s like to find yourself attracted to people that society says you should not be attracted to; on his laptop as he explained to passersby why he was there. My chef chose the “They/Them” sticker, while I chose the “She/her”.

I was really confused.

I don’t know if he understood what he was partaking in. He presents as a purely hetero male, and one of limited exposure to the complexities of society, so his choice stuck with me. Had he chosen “He/Him”, I wouldn’t have thought anything of it.

I’m very attuned to bigotry and other forms of abuse; coming across something like this (someone behaving, in my perception, completely unlike what I’ve come to expect) unnerves me.

Then. . .




49 people lost their lives because they had the courage to “live their truth”.


If they weren’t living their lives to the fullest, they wouldn’t have been at Pulse. If they weren’t homosexual or bisexual, chances are, they wouldn’t have been at Pulse.


And so, they died.


Because someone else (perhaps closeted; perhaps completely hetero) decided that they deserved to.

For whatever reason soothed his own psyche.


Let’s let THAT sink in for a moment, shall we?


I’m bisexual and polyamorous. I’ve always felt that I had to hide those two aspects of myself in order to live safely. Turns out that I was probably right.


I really don’t like that.


Were I in Denmark, I wouldn’t have to worry about my sexuality potentially causing my death. . .


(I will follow this post with another later; this subject is too complex for one post)



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Music calls us all. . .

. . .regardless of ethnicity, creed, or religion.

This link shows a grainy video of a “rave” in Iran. Having never attended a “rave” myself, I can only compare this video with those of raves depicted by the media here int he U.S. and I must say, I’d rather go to a rave where the main attraction is a fire-dancing person than one where the main attraction is drugs. Not that I don’t believe there was alcohol and other illicit materials somewhere on the premises of the rave in Iran; I just think that the music, the freedom of self-expression, the freedom to practice one’s art (especially since the fire-dancer was a female) are the bigger draws at the rave in Iran than raves here in the U.S.

It is scenes like this one that make me so concerned for humanity at large; how can anyone view this video and not see fellow human beings have a much-needed, stress-relieving great night at a party?

I suppose I’m just too decadent in my worldview. . .


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