Checking in, finally

I currently have a long break between my second and third class of the day, and this time, instead of wasting the time in an angst-y state of wandering the same three blocks of campus, I discovered the rec center. I had a lovely work-out (though next time I must come better prepared so that I can take full advantage of the machines and pool). I feel healthier than I have a in few months.

Then I discovered that I can blog from school. Before my laptop arrives. Glorious news, let me tell you!

I cannot believe how hobbled and stifled I’ve felt for the past few weeks, not having a laptop and being away from my computer for the majority of the day when I am attending classes. The first couple of weeks, my hands were cramping so bad that I thought I’d have to soak my fingers before I was able to drive home. Now, it’s not so bad, but I cannot wait to be able to voice-record lectures and type my notes instead of scribbling them.

No matter what, though, I have to say that today has been a very good day. Just what I needed to be prepared for the next class, where I’ll find out how my first midterm at PSU went.

I wish I could say that I have been writing fiction up a storm, but alas, that has not been the case.

Hopefully, that will change soon. After all, I did decide to add a minor in creative writing, so I’ll have to do it, sooner or later. 😉

So, no more aimless wanderings for 2+ hours on school days, and no more excuses for not getting my exercise or blogging.

Academics, my physical state, and my mental state are all in the upper tiers, and soon I shall be writing prolifically again. All in all, a great start to 2013.



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Three day weekend


There are many reasons why I am and (and should be) grateful for the three-day weekend coming up, the only one I want to talk about right now is the fact that I intend to write at least 1000 words of a brand new, never-before-conceived-by-me story this weekend.

As well as finish the two papers that I have coming due.

But really, I just want to be giddy about the fact that I have a new story germinating and that it is so important to me that I am willing to try to schedule writing time to make sure I get a chance to write creatively during this school semester.

This has not happened to me before.

Every other semester, I’ve been more than content to put my creative writing on hold.

Whether the change is due to my finally declaring the two majors and two minors that I’ve always wanted to study or due to the fact that since I’ve started at my new school I’ve felt as though a missing piece were finally in place I will never know.

Nor do I truly care.

I am too busy reveling in the good feelings, the creative juices, the new opportunities, and the seamless way it all seems to be falling into place for me.

(Now, if I could just get a laptop, all would be [nearly] perfect).


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New Term, New Lease on Creativity

As the title says, I started the new term today. Winter term, which I always forget the name of. It makes no rational sense, but I seem to always forget that between Fall term and Spring term there is Winter term.

I had my first classes and found that I will be doing an immense amount of writing. In terms of numbers of assignments, it seems that way. When you compare the size of the papers ( approximately 2-3 pages for each) and the number (at most, 15- ten for one class, three for a second class, and two I believe for the third class), it just doesn’t seem like that much, after all. Of course, I have spent the last few years attending school online, and all of my assignments and participation was done through typing. Add to that my love of writing both academic papers and fiction, and I just get more excited about these classes, rather than intimidated!

Some of my writing will be done here, but most of it for this term will be done at my academic site,, if anyone is interested in that. Next term, I hope to take some creative writing courses, and those assignments I will post here. Of course, if I get inspired, I reserve the right to use my non-fiction research to create lovely fiction for this site.



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Viking Pride

Let Knowledge Serve the City

Let Knowledge Serve the City

I’ve learned that one needs to be flexible in order to get the most out of life. In parenting, in the military, in a relationship. And I know it is a skill that I will be relying on from now until I finish earning my degrees.

I guess it applies here, too. I had not intended to make my site public again until I had a nice stockpile of articles set by so that I could have a new post each day, all set up in advance. However, I got some great news today and I want to share.

I got word that I have been accepted to Portland State University! I’m ecstatic!

It was a bit of a gamble, withdrawing from Oregon State before I had my acceptance, but it was oh so necessary. I still do not regret that decision. I only wish I had withdrawn earlier and saved myself some money. Hindsight is kind of a bitch, sometimes.

But, I did make lots of progress towards my end goal for running this site, and will continue to work on it.I’m just not yet set up for the automated posts that I wanted to have ready.

However, as I will now begin the process of attending PSU, I know I will want to talk and post about it, so the site is back open. I hope you enjoy the changes I’ve made thus far, and if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment.

New, proud, PSU Viking.




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The Internet Is No Place For Learning,

no FREE education

. . . according to Minnesota, anyway.

As someone who has, until this very term, earned all of her college degrees and pursuant education online, I find that very notion upsetting. As someone who values the fact that MIT and Harvard, I believe it was, are teaming up to bring education- via the internet in many ways- to 1 million people who previously didn’t have it, I find it incredibly irritating and annoying.

But when I find out that it is simply because any higher education institution who offers Minnesota residence an education in the state- whether online or not- has to register and pay, annually, to the Minnesota Office of Higher Education, it pisses me off. 😡

Don’t believe me?

Here’s the link:

UPDATE: the decision has been reversed. See this lovely blog post, which is where I first read it

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Another Discovery Via Science

I know, I’m flooding my site today.

I can’t help it; there are too many amazing scientific discoveries! I’m always missing opportunities to blog about them and share my excitement, so this time I decided to go ahead and do it even though I’d already posted under this heading today.

This discovery isn’t just cool, it’s also potentially medically beneficial on a wide scale both population-wise and disease-wise.

So, here’s the short version.

Vaccines traditionally work by eliciting a “very strong T-cell reaction”. Unfortunately some of the most often spread (in my mind= contagious) diseases are in areas that are not accessible to these wonder cells, I mean, T-cells. Such as our naughty bits. You, know, the fun parts that lead us into so much pleasure, pain, and potential trouble. Yup, I’m referring to common sexually transmitted diseases.

So, scientists wondered what would happen if they elicited a strong response, then applied the antibody-rich serum (still uncertain how they obtain that) directly to the genital tissue. Turns out that by using this method, a two-pronged, non-traditional approach, scientists were able to give mice long-term protection against diseases such as “herpes simplex virus” and “HIV-1”.

Don’t believe me?

Check it out for yourself:

(It wasn’t the poor machine’s fault. It was my faulty biological brain; I’d forgotten a step.)

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I went to PSU today, to verify my that my application was complete. I am glad I did.

Today is the end of week 5 of the term. I withdrew in the middle of week 3 and requested all my transcripts that day.

All of my transcripts have come in, but there seems to be a problem: my OSU transcripts were apparently showing that I was still enrolled and needed to show a W to prove that I had withdrawn.  Panic 1.

Then I found out the cost per credit hour but totally misunderstood the chart. I thought the price went up drastically for EACH credit hour, the more hours you signed up for. For instance, my addled brain thought that if I took a 4 credit course, I would be paying $568 (the actual total for the class, I believe) X 4= 2272 for EACH four credit course I attended, instead of merely being $2272 total for all classes (a much more reasonable figure, in my opinion, of course). Panic 2.

If I’m wrong, I will certainly let you know.

Previously, I would have responded to this type of situation by stopping whatever I was doing. To give up. For surely, it was a sign from the universe that I was on the wrong path. Whatever it took to talk myself out of it, that’s what I would have done.

Today was different.

This time I chose to react differently. I  called OSU to explain my issue and seek help. The kind lady on the phone taught me how to bypass the problem-causing system and subsequently get a physical copy mailed out that should be mailed tomorrow or first thing Monday. And I verified that OSU’s system shows W for all my classes this term and financial aid has been processed. So, when they receive the physical transcripts, they will be exactly what PSU asked for.

Which means BOOM! Task complete and I will be all set to receive my acceptance  within 4-6 weeks (there are 6 weeks left before the end of Fall Term). Once I have the acceptance, I can attend Orientation, speak with an adviser to plan my classes, and also apply for jobs on campus.

Panics resolved and averted. Determination renewed.

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