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Finally adjusted

It is always frustrating to me, starting a new term after being out of school for a while. Especially when I compound that with starting at a new institution. However, I have to say that I feel I adjusted quicker this time than I have in the past. I have a routine. I managed to find time to write; in fact, I’ve finally found myself eager to write while still doing school work. It is a bit slower going than I’d like because I only have an hour or so a day to dedicate to it, but I am simply thrilled with my progress. I cannot wait to incorporate creative writing classes, too!

I’m still a little shy of the thousand words I’d wanted to write on my new story, but I’m still plugging away at it, so I have to count that as a victory.

All in all, I’m in a much better place now than I have been for the past few weeks. I’m looking forward to having more articles and story posts soon.


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Settling in. . .

I’ve been in a state of turtle-ness for the past three weeks.

By this I mean- barely any makeup, reserved, frumpy clothes, barely speaking outside of class (not that I speak much during class, either), and rarely smiling.

This is just not my norm.

It is, however, my norm when I am faced with new situations. I always go through a period where I pull inward, close down, and simply try to observe until I have a good idea of what behaviors will be accepted and which behaviors will stand out as “bad” in the eyes of those around me.

To me, this is normal. Don’t burst my bubble if it’s not.

Now, however, I finally find myself willing to venture outside my “shell”. I am taking more risks: with the amount of time I’m devoting to my studies (I’ve made time for creative writing and walking, in addition to my housework, all of which take away from my study time and make me antsy), with the clothes I wear (work out pants are a step up from loose, flowing skirts), and my makeup (I’d decided that I would only wear makeup on Fridays, but now I’ve revised that to whenever the hell I feel like it).

This weekend had some very interesting and positive results for me, personally, which is a  very good thing.

I learned to trust myself just a little more than I used to (an ongoing effort on my part) and a great deal of my fear went away.

So, look out, fellow students. I’m no longer feeling stifled and judged. I’m now ready to take on all comers! 😉

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Three day weekend


There are many reasons why I am and (and should be) grateful for the three-day weekend coming up, the only one I want to talk about right now is the fact that I intend to write at least 1000 words of a brand new, never-before-conceived-by-me story this weekend.

As well as finish the two papers that I have coming due.

But really, I just want to be giddy about the fact that I have a new story germinating and that it is so important to me that I am willing to try to schedule writing time to make sure I get a chance to write creatively during this school semester.

This has not happened to me before.

Every other semester, I’ve been more than content to put my creative writing on hold.

Whether the change is due to my finally declaring the two majors and two minors that I’ve always wanted to study or due to the fact that since I’ve started at my new school I’ve felt as though a missing piece were finally in place I will never know.

Nor do I truly care.

I am too busy reveling in the good feelings, the creative juices, the new opportunities, and the seamless way it all seems to be falling into place for me.

(Now, if I could just get a laptop, all would be [nearly] perfect).


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Checking out for a few

So, today, I have been quite productive. I have grocery shopped, done dishes and laundry, supervised homework, baked, started dinner, and filled out a scholarship application.

That last one was a doozy, let me tell you.

Ten pages, three essays, another “short” question whose maximum length was 300 words (not a big deal, but I’ve had papers that long. . . ), and I’m finally done and it’s submitted. In the process, I applied for at least two scholarships, when I had intended to only apply for one, originally.

So, now, I will take the next three hours off. I will play video games, hang out with my son, surf the internet, and maybe even write, if the mood strikes me. I’m just not going to try to start studying yet. Tomorrow I’ll have to start my first paper of the new term, so I’d better take advantage of down time while I can.


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New Term, New Lease on Creativity

As the title says, I started the new term today. Winter term, which I always forget the name of. It makes no rational sense, but I seem to always forget that between Fall term and Spring term there is Winter term.

I had my first classes and found that I will be doing an immense amount of writing. In terms of numbers of assignments, it seems that way. When you compare the size of the papers ( approximately 2-3 pages for each) and the number (at most, 15- ten for one class, three for a second class, and two I believe for the third class), it just doesn’t seem like that much, after all. Of course, I have spent the last few years attending school online, and all of my assignments and participation was done through typing. Add to that my love of writing both academic papers and fiction, and I just get more excited about these classes, rather than intimidated!

Some of my writing will be done here, but most of it for this term will be done at my academic site,, if anyone is interested in that. Next term, I hope to take some creative writing courses, and those assignments I will post here. Of course, if I get inspired, I reserve the right to use my non-fiction research to create lovely fiction for this site.



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