A new writing space

My winter gift this year was the gift of new writing space.

In my efforts to find myself as a dedicated writer, I unearthed a series of articles from the early 2000’s call Book in a Year.

The first month is dedicated to character building and to synopsis writing. But only after you’ve found your “writing space”.

All this time, I’ve blithely ignored that first, crucial step. Finding my writing space. Well, it seemed obvious to me that my writing space was wherever my computer happened to be. Since it is still tethered to the wall and not at all portable, I never really gave much thought to the actual location where I was asking myself to spend hours a day.

Preferably productive hours.

Right next to the front door has been my desk’s home for the last three and a half years. Drafty, high traffic, high stress, if there exists in this house an area less conducive to creative OR productive thought, I’ve yet to find it.

As some of you know, my spouse works nights. After having been together for ten years before he took this job, we miss sleeping next to one another.

That is to say, I sleep poorly half the week and he sleeps best if I’m in the room with him while he snoozes the day away. Add to that the temperature requirements (his cold as can be; me just this side of roasting) and it’s been a long, difficult journey to finding the proper compromise for us. But, I think today, we found it.

My desk was moved to our bedroom.

I’ve always hated the computer in the bedroom, though he’s had his in our room more often than not. I’ve hated the thought of the light waking me. I’ve hated the thought of the distractions of the internet being only a fingertip away.

Well, now I can admit I was wrong.

I love my new space!

His desk is on one side of the bed, while mine is on the other.

I can write and there will be no one peeking over my shoulder, no one to offer criticism before it’s asked for. I can play games. I can surf the internet, write email, pay bills, all from the comfort of my bedroom.

I love it.



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