Another precious life lost. . .

Yes, today is the first day of NaNoWriMo. No, I am not posting my requisite words for the day- that’s for tomorrow. No, this rant will not be the last I say about the topic. Nor should it be.

As the title says, the world has suffered the loss of another precious life.

What makes this loss different, you may ask? More specifically, why am I choosing to address the loss of this life over any other life that was lost today?

I am ranting about the situation because the life that was lost was that of a 16 year old girl. As the mother of a 16 year old, I’m trying desperately to get him to open up and share his burdens, to get him to seek help, to guide him as best I can during these last two years before he graduates high school and leaves my home. I cannot imagine any circumstance wherein I would take his life.

The parents of this poor, unnamed-in-the-media girl felt it was justified and necessary to poor acid on her until she expired from her wounds.

The saddest and most enraging thing to me is that there are thousands of other girls and women out there, literally around the world, who have endured the same fate. Perhaps not by the same methods and tools- some use knives, some use rocks, some use plastic bags, some use guns- but the end result is always the same: the death of a woman or girl who displeased someone in power in her life.

Even if all she did was exist.

I remember as a child hearing about the rules in China, where parents could only have one child. Then I learned that the prevailing culture at the time favored boys over girls. This resulted, I was told, in millions of girls being abandoned or killed (the truth is much more complicated;


A quick Google search shows that this issue has been reported for years. The articles make it clear that organizations that fight for human rights around the world are aware of this reprehensible behavior. Yet, of course, it still continues. Humans have long justified their cruelty to those most innocent and helpless among them- legends of exposing one’s offspring to the elements for a night or day are not unheard of in Western cultures, too. I just find it to be horrid.

I have a deep reverence and interest in cultures from the Levant and its surrounding areas.

I intend to volunteer with groups that help immigrants, specifically from Pakistan from what I hear, get settled here in the U. S.

I do not know what I would do if confronted with such a situation in my own personal life.

I am guiltily thankful that it is highly doubtful that I would ever be confided in about such a topic.

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