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Progress, Progress, Progress. . .

I am working hard at getting “Kaliah”‘s first chapter ready for sharing. However, I must admit that it is harder than I thought it would be.

I am also dealing with a wee bit of a personal growth issue that can only, in my opinion, benefit my writing, but unfortunately is consuming a lot of my attention just now. So, progress is slower than I’d have liked.

I wanted to assure whomever stumbles across this site that I have not flaked out, abandoned my writing, nor simply decided to be lazy.

I look forward to sharing with you all soon.

Some background information: Kaliah’s story is a high fantasy, set in an alternate Earth with different topography and rules of reality (obviously; magic is real there). It is not a horror story, but there is intrigue and the horror of humanity’s cruelty. What world could would be believable without those?

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An Old, Familiar (to me) Tale. . .

I recently talked to my husband and told him that I intended to give away a story for free, in an effort to help build my reputation (and skill; honestly, the benefits just keep adding up!) as a writer. I have decided that my personal favorite will be that story.

The story that was the inspiration of my dear friend, the Peevish Penman herself: “Kaliah” (working title subject to future change).One chapter at a time, I will release that story, free of charge, first time publishing (can you tell I’m really excited?!).

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Refining the direction of this site. . .

Originally, this was only going to be non-fiction articles. I found that to be too limiting. I don’t only write non-fiction. When that is the only type of writing I do, I find myself to be miserable. Therefore, as this is intended to be my author’s website, I had to include some of my works of fiction.

What could be more fitting for a portfolio of one’s work than a venue with both non-fiction (articles) and fiction work samples?

Efficiency. I like it.

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A New Birthday, A New Resolution

A milestone birthday is fast approaching for me. It seems as though when we are faced with these markers in time, we tend to react in one of a few extreme ways. Some of us panic, trying desperately to turn back the hands of time to recapture an imagined glorious youth. Others freeze time, refusing to admit to aging past their chosen year. Still others buy sports cars or have hot, steamy affairs to try to fill a hole in their psyches. None of those options suit me, so I decided to embrace a new challenge.

This is not a lackadaisical impulse but is instead the culmination of one chapter of my life and the embarkation of another. I invite you to come along for the journey as I throw my hat into the writing ring.

My goal is one 500 word article per week, subject to increase in the future.

I am open to topic suggestions.

Thank you and happy writing.

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